The ''three Major Solutions'' Solve The Uneven Color Of The Aluminum Oxide Film

- Sep 27, 2017 -

What is the reason for the uneven color of aluminum oxide film? Specifically, there are three main issues:
(1) the size of the aluminum sheet is too large, the operation is too large in the slot, and the contact, update and exchange of the edge and the center part are too large, which leads to the inconsistency of the oxide film. Prevention method: when the aluminum plate is oxidized, the workpiece should be small and static, but when the solution temperature is too low, it is easy to get the map pattern.
(2) bags aluminum processing part package aluminum layer is destroyed, and cutting out the outer package belongs to the high quality aluminum, aluminum wrapped up the inner is aluminum, differences in two kinds of aluminum, so after oxidation "vitiligo" spots. This phenomenon customer often does not understand very much, the manufacturer wants to do more explanation work, explain the original committee, lest cause misunderstanding.
(3) problems of aluminum plate oxidation process
The alkali erosion treatment of the workpiece is not complete, and the original oxide film and dirt in the local area cannot be exhausted.
The surface of workpiece is still alkaline.
The workpiece has been exposed to foreign objects during delivery.
When the color of the film is uneven, it is necessary to find out the causes and take targeted measures to solve it.
To explain the cause, the basic principle of aluminum oxide film color uneven believe aluminum factory technical personnel have a complete concept, as long as a good grasp of these three methods that aluminum oxide film color uneven problems will be readily solved.

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