Process Of Wire Drawing Of Aluminum Plate Surface

- Sep 27, 2017 -

Brushed processing is to do after stamping, drawing can be made straight lines, wrinkles, threads, ripples and swirls, depending on the decoration needs.
Straight lines are used to process the straight lines of the aluminum plate surface with mechanical friction. It has the double effect of brushing the surface of the aluminum plate and the surface of the aluminum plate. There are two kinds of continuous silk lines and staccato silk lines. Continuous silking available microfiber cloth or stainless steel brush through continuous straight and level of aluminum plate surface friction (e.g., under the condition of device have by now manual skills or use the planer grinding clamp wire brush brush on the aluminum sheet mill). Change the steel wire diameter of stainless steel brush, can get different thick and fine lines. Staccato silk is usually processed on a brush or striping machine. Preparing principle: the two groups of synthetic differential wheel rotation, the group to rapidly spinning roller, the slow rotation of the group under the conditions of the rubber roller, aluminum or aluminum alloy passed between two groups of the roller, brush an intermittent straight lines.
It is a kind of unrulable and unmarked silk thread that is obtained by the friction of the left and right movement of the aluminum plate. This kind of processing, aluminum or aluminum alloy plate surface requirements are higher.
Ripples are usually made on the brush or stripper. Using the axial movement of the grinding roller of the upper group, the wave pattern is obtained by grinding the surface of aluminum or aluminum alloy plate.
Wen also called optical, is to use a cylindrical felt or nylon wheel to grind stone on the drilling machine, kerosene and polishing ointment, rotate surface of aluminum or aluminum alloy sheet mill acquired a silking. It is used for the decorative processing of circular signs and small decorative dial.
Thread is to use a on the shaft with a circular, felt the small motor should be fixed on the surface of the table, edge of about 60 degree Angle with the table, in addition to be a drag plate with fixed aluminum plate pressure tea, dragging plate with one edge neat straight threads polyester film used to restrict the competition degree. Using the rotation of the felt and the linear motion of the dragboard, the threads of uniform width on the surface of the aluminum plate are rubbed.
Sand blasting is used to obtain the surface of the film gloss or small reflecting surface to meet the special design needs such as soft gloss. It can also overcome the common defects of aluminum surface.
For exterior parts, whether it is brushed or sprayed, it is usually necessary to do surface oxidation. As to which processing technology to choose, should be the problem that should consider with modelling, two kinds of craft can obtain the surface texture that still has difference.
In addition, there are an approach to technology and sandblasting, but use a kind of chemical etching method, commonly known as chemical lousy sand processing or chemical sand surface corrosion, especially applicable to the aluminum surface treatment, its uniformity on the surface of the sand is far better than sandblasting processing. Chemical sand surface corrosion is acidic corrosion and alkaline corrosion. Different surface colors and granules are obtained by different corrosion solvents and sand surface agents.

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