How To Avoid The Limitation Of Scratches And Grooves In Aluminum Profile

- Sep 27, 2017 -

The surface of extruded aluminum extruded products has rough longitudinal or horizontal row, scratches. The scratches from the surface are mostly due to the sticking of the mould and the rough processing of the empty knife. Another is raised the scratch appeared on the corner of the products, is generated due to the extrusion die crack. Transverse cut or scratch is mainly due to the finished products from sliding on lateral to cooling bed on the hard thing to highlight when sawing machine will product scratches, also have a plenty of in the loading, handling. Scratches and scratches are common surface defects in the extrusion process of aluminum extrusion.
The main elimination methods include:
1) the extrusion die work belt should be smooth and smooth, and the extrusion die empty knife should also be smooth.
2) the mold should be carefully checked to prevent the use of the mould with small cracks. The round Angle radius should be noted when designing the mould.
3) check the cold bed frequently, and store the finished product to prevent hard and protruding products.
4) when loading the material, it should be placed on the other side of the soft parts of the product, transportation, the hoisting should be smooth, careful operation.

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