Embossed Aluminum Sheet Hard To Use Common Sense

- Sep 27, 2017 -

In the process of storage and sales embossed aluminum sheet, usually through extrusion, warehousing and sales of aluminum to improve management, without the limitation of former hardness is low, cannot be used as the finished product, embossed aluminum sheet, usually need to be improving strength after aging. Aging can be divided into two kinds of, natural aging and artificial aging, aluminum recently, warehousing and sales basically is given priority to with the latter. Below, the manufacturers of embossed aluminum are introduced to introduce the dangers of hard and low aluminum embossed aluminum.
To the frame, aluminum extrusion outfit can't too close, and the material to have space between embossed aluminum sheet, aluminum especially unventilated sauce, thick interval more bigger, pipe material and small materials, sheet and packed in a wooden box, like this is advantageous to the aging cycle air supply pipe material.
2, aluminum furnace charging will be embossed aluminum sheet before other special alloys is separated from ordinary alloy furnace charging time, due to the warehousing and sales do with furnace of merger and reorganization, to use special alloys for aging.
3. Setting and control of aluminum profile temperature: generally, temperature and table display temperature have certain errors in international market, and setting table temperature should be set according to the actual temperature of the furnace.
4. Aluminum profile aging insulation: it is necessary to strictly adhere to the requirements of process, and the time of thermal insulation shall be appropriate, so as to prevent the failure of aging or overaging and not enough hardness.

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