Application Of High Pressure Water Cleaning On Aluminum Plate

- Sep 27, 2017 -

The application of high pressure cleaner on the aluminum plate with cleaning equipment in recent years with the rapid development of national economy in our country, aerospace, household appliances, decorative materials and beverage industry, more and more demand for aluminium strip and foil, the PS substrate, lu: su belt, capacitor foil, and so can the rapid development of high precision aluminum plate strip. These products are very strict with straightness, cleanliness, and high precision aluminium strip is usually adopted the rolling of cooling and lubrication oil, its surface residue of rolling oil and aluminium powder, thus to obtain a good surface quality, must be cleaned to remove the surface residue. In addition to flatness requirement on aluminum strip and high stretch bending straightening, stretch bending straightening strip in secondary and under the action of bending, gradually produce plastic sheet ZhongBing release internal stress, to improve the plate strip produced during cold working waveform, warping, lateral bending, and potential defects such as bad profile, considering from the straightening process, first of all must be carried out on the strip surface cleaning.

Principle and theory of aluminum strip cleaning
Cleaning principle of the aluminum plate with in the process of cold rolling system, because of friction and rolling roll and aluminum plate surface, the surface will produce fine alumina powder falls off and adsorption, rolling oil and suspension components will remain in the surface of the aluminum plate, the aluminum plate with composite has adverse effects, coating and other finished products processing. While eye _ stretch bending straightening a dramatic bending deformation due to strip on the roll, part of the tension of the strip applied into strip of tension roller pressure, and finally form the friction, drive roller group. Without cleaning, therefore, if the strip surface deformation when alumina powder, with oil as x attached to the tension roller of roller surface, the roll surface wear, and aluminum plate slightly injured, so it will have to pass a special cleaning device for cleaning. Cleaning is the use of pressure pump for cleaning medium pressure, to non-contact strip surface spray or contact scrub, to dissolve oil material on the surface of the aluminum powder falls off to the cleaning medium, then through drain and squeeze roller of high pressure air purging, hot air drying, even to get a clean, dry aluminum strip. At the same time, the cleaning medium is used in conjunction with the online circulating filtration system, so as to keep the cleaning medium sufficient and clean, and greatly save heat and cleaning media. At present, the washing medium used in aluminum processing industry has the cleaning agent (or solvent oil), softening hot water, chemical solvent, and each has its advantages and disadvantages.

The cleaning system is discussed with high pressure water jet technology.
The high pressure water jet is caused by the direct injection of the dense stream jet, and the dense jet and direct injection are indispensable. The jet stream beam is arranged in a symmetrical arrangement with the center line of the nozzle, but the distribution is divergent and the jet flow is divided into three segments. In the original segment, the length is expressed by L, which indicates that the characteristic of this jet stream is that the dynamic pressure value along the axial direction is constant, and the dynamic pressure of the jet tip is the same as that of the nozzle outlet. Another characteristic is very dense texture, mass some mixed with air, so that the strongest force, it is mainly used for cleaning the hard scale, basic section, length with Lz said, the characteristics of the jet is blended with water jet air beginning, holes and eddy current, so this force is moderate, suitable for all kinds of cleaning equipment and materials. It should be pointed out that as the distance of the distance increases, the effective strike force also gradually decreases. Divergent section, length is expressed in L3, the characteristics of the jet is air mixed with water jet completely, jet atomization completely, the impact pressure and jet velocity were dropped substantially, this section of the jet has been technically no application value. For the application of water jet cleaning, the key lies in the selection and matching of pressure and flow. But in different jet distance and diffusion of the jet Angle, the direct effect of pressure and flow rate are different, and the influence of nozzle structure performance difference, even in the same outlet pressure and flow conditions, the dynamic pressure in the distribution of also has a bigger difference. Thus, the selection of nozzles is a key link that cannot be ignored. In addition, the shape and flow of the jet section are also important factors affecting the cleaning effect.

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