The effect of mirror aluminum plate is analyzed

- Sep 27, 2017 -

Alumina a mirror effect comes from two aspects, one is the base material itself to achieve mirror, the second is to highly pure transparent oxide film. The oxidation of aluminum mirror effect is obvious, now the technician and analysis of the formation of the specular effect.

Aluminum alloy surface oxidation film and chromic acid oxidation film oxalate with color, not crystal clear, natural is not considered. For sulfuric acid oxidation film, factors influencing the transparency of basically has: purity of oxide film/oxidation film thickness of oxide film porosity/hole sealing quality. If there are too many scores in the oxidation film of silicon/chromium manganese iron/copper/impurity ions (or atoms), such as the purity of oxide film is low, the transparency will fall. Although oxide film is pervious to light, but there will be some loss of light scattering. The oxidation film thickness increases transparency will decline. The oxide film of pinhole is the primary sources of light scattering, porosity, the specular scattering. Especially the pinhole is significant when the horn, an exponential increase in light scattering, transparency will drop rapidly. Hole sealing material is boehmite, normal temperature sealing hole and nickel hydroxide and fluorine aluminate, they are transparent, so normal hole sealing basically will not lower the opacity of the oxide film. But if there is a hole sealing, formed by powder frost would all become a light scattering particle, can make the transparency of the oxide film greatly reduced. Therefore, improve the transparency of oxide film should improve purity of oxide film/control the thickness of oxide film/lower oxidation film porosity/ensure that hole sealing moderate these four aspects.

The impurity in the oxide film is mainly derived from the aluminum itself, the secondary source is oxidation bath. Therefore, appropriate to reduce the content of alloying elements in aluminum, try to reduce the impurity content of aluminum, and even select high purity aluminum can improve the purity of oxide film. Reduce the impurity ions in the bath, bath to keep fresh also can improve the purity of oxide film. The thickness of oxide film with control in 10-12 um advisable, if the product standard does not require the oxide film thickness > = 10 um, to control the thickness of oxide film is the best 6-8 um. The porosity of the oxide film rate depends mainly on soluble film speed, the faster the soluble membrane, the larger the porosity. Soluble film speed and concentration of sulfuric acid/bath temperature, current density is becoming relationship, therefore, decrease the concentration of sulfuric acid/bath stability/current density will reduce the oxidation film of porosity.

About hole sealing, mainly control the temperature and time, avoid the hole sealing. If this is the normal temperature sealing hole, but also adjust the nickel/fluorine content and its proportion, especially fluorine ion content is not too high. If the hole sealing, aluminum can be immersed in remission in dilute nitric acid powder frost. Oxidation of aluminum alloy plate after hole sealing surface of the mirror.

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