Reasons for shrinkage and protective measures

- Nov 29, 2018 -

Extrusion conditions caused by the extrusion of the extruder:

1. Squeeze the residue to stay too short

2. The extrusion gasket is oily or dirty.

3. The surface of the ingot or wool is not clean

4. The length of the product tail is not in compliance with the regulations

5. Extrusion barrel lining is out of tolerance

6. At the end of the extrusion, the extrusion speed is suddenly increased.



1. Strictly press the pressure and saw head and tail according to the process regulations, keep the lining of the extrusion tube intact, prohibit the extrusion of the gasket and reduce the temperature before extrusion of the aluminum rod, and adopt a special convex gasket. Reasonable length of the residue.

2. Extrusion tools, aluminum rod surface should be clean

3. Always check the size of the extrusion tube and replace the unqualified tool

4. Smooth extrusion. In the later stage of extrusion, the extrusion speed should be slowed down, the thickness of the residual pressure should be appropriately left, or the residual material method should be used for extrusion.

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  • Aluminium Composite Panel
  • 3003 H14 Aluminium Strip
  • Aluminium Strip Roll
  • 5754 Alloy Aluminium Coil
  • Aluminum Circle with Induction Stainless Steel

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