Knowledge profile of aluminum sheet aluminum sheet aluminum plate

- Sep 27, 2017 -

Alloy aluminum, alloy aluminum plate is in the process of aluminum plate to join all kinds of alloy elements (main alloying elements are copper, silicon, magnesium, zinc, manganese, secondary alloying elements are nickel, iron, titanium, chromium, lithium, etc.), in order to improve the mechanical properties and chemical index of the aluminum plate. The alloy aluminum plate has some special properties which are not possessed by pure aluminum plate. It is widely used in special environment, such as ship, refrigerator, mould, aerospace equipment and so on.
Mirror aluminum plate: mirror aluminum plate is the aluminum plate that gives the surface mirror effect by rolling, grinding and other methods. Generally in the foreign mirror aluminum board adopts the method of rolling, making the coil material, the sheet material.
The application of aluminum plate is very wide. It is widely used in lighting lamps and lanterns reflective panels and decorative lamps and lanterns, solar reflective materials, interior decoration, wall decoration, household electrical appliance panels, electronic products shell, kitchen furniture, car inside and outside decoration, signs, logos, cases, bags, jewelry box, etc.
Drawing aluminum plate: the drawing aluminum plate is a process of repeatedly using sandpaper to scrape off the aluminum plate. The process flow is divided into three parts: deester, sand mill and water. In aluminum wire drawing process, the anode processing special skin membrane technology, can make the aluminum plate surface generating a contains the skin of the composition of the metal film layer, each tiny silk mark is visible, so radiant with fine hair gloss metallic matte. More and more aluminum products of the metal shell have used metal wire drawing technology to play a beautiful, anti - erosion action. Make products both fashionable and technical. This is one of the reasons why the process is so popular.

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