How to identify the quality of alloy aluminum plate

- Sep 27, 2017 -

Usually judge alloy aluminum plate quality time must pay attention to the appearance of brightness, survey bat bao hou is even even, pinch the board with the hand, feeling the elasticity and patience isn't is good. Its main function is to make the moisture in the hot air to be condensed into the water in the heat exchanger to spread out while spreading down the sheet.
So to avoid for heat exchange area between the water affect the ventilation effect of heat exchanger, a "bridge" and then air conditioning heat exchange rate, under the condition of equal refrigerating capacity will also be able to save power.
Now, the usual hydrophilic aluminum foil in the market has better hydrophilicity except the appearance, while the condensate is left in the heat exchanger. The difference is that the hydrofoil foil is the contact Angle between the condensed water and the heat exchanger, which makes the condensate form a sliding water bead and the intention to remove the condensation water between the heat exchanger.

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