How does the pattern aluminum sheet squeeze molding

- Sep 27, 2017 -

Extruding is extruded aluminum plate, pattern aluminum plate, aluminum plate, reinforced alloy, gold profile, its surface corrosion resistance is not strong, must pass round casting rod extrusion from the mould. The method of forming the 6063 alloy plate with the usual pattern aluminum plate. The pattern aluminum plate is designed according to the section design of the profile product, the mold tends to go to the soft decorative aluminum plate, and the extrusion machine of decorative pattern aluminum plate will be heated and strengthened.
If such pattern aluminum frame is steel, can use first drill twisting the orientation of the screw drill a hole, the aperture should be according to the standard of screw resolution, then article pattern aluminum plate with self tapping screw twist. If it is a wooden frame, usable wood screws to speckle aluminum screw on the skeleton.
Pattern aluminum plate with screw head appeared connection method, namely one end of the article alloy aluminum plate with screws, another stripes on the other side of the aluminum bar into a part, just cover the screw, to play a role in the facade, because speckle aluminum plate with 6 mm wide gap between, so a vertical concave lines into the thread Angle, decorative pattern aluminum rich the facade of the building and broke the monotony of feelings.

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