Choose the problem that the pattern aluminium board should pay attention to

- Sep 27, 2017 -

Pattern aluminum plate has a very wide range of applications, three, five, a pointer type pattern aluminum plate are common varieties, in areas such as construction, transportation, decoration, refrigeration equipment decorative pattern aluminum plate can be seen. As domestic manufacturers more and more, the quality of all kinds of decorative aluminum plates is also uneven and varied. How to choose high-quality pattern aluminum plate?
Look at the thickness. High quality pattern aluminum plate of the selected sheet, its thickness, strength and thickness of oxide film should meet the national standards, such as: aluminium plate thickness of 1.2 mm or more, the tensile strength of 157 or more cattle per square millimeter, yield strength of 108 or more cattle per square millimeter, thickness of oxide film or 10 microns. If it doesn't meet the standard, it is the inferior pattern aluminum plate.
Second, processing. The pattern aluminium plate produced by the regular large factory, the material is exquisite, the plate surface is bright and bright, the pattern is clear and neat, the aluminum plate is flat, the surface has no oil pollution, scratches, broken wounds and so on; The decorative aluminum plate produced by the small factory is made of waste aluminum. The surface is dull, the pattern is not clear, irregular, the surface is uneven, the performance is substandard, and the quality is poor.
Look at the price. Pattern aluminium plate is divided into pure aluminium and alloy two kinds, its price is also different. The decorative aluminum plate processing cost of the regular manufacturer is several thousand yuan, the price of alloy is higher than pure aluminum, and the price of aluminum plate of regular manufacturer is 20% to 30% higher than that of inferior aluminum plate. When purchasing, it is too late to buy unqualified products.
Look at the service. From the factory production line to the enterprise's workshop, intermediate undergoes packaging, loading, transportation, storage, package, etc, decorative pattern aluminum plate appears unavoidably oxidation, scratch defects, such as large scale, good service suppliers to provide users with retreat, in service, for the user to solve the trouble back at home.

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