Causes and solutions of rough surface of industrial aluminum profile

- Sep 27, 2017 -

With the continuous development of modern processing technology, more and more advanced products have been put into production activities. The processing of industrial aluminum profile is undoubtedly affected by this factor, and the introduction of advanced processing technology is bringing favorable guarantee for the processing and manufacturing of products. However, it is inevitable that all kinds of quality problems will occur in the process of processing. For example, the aluminum profile is rough and inaccurate, so let's take a look at the solution.
Firstly, there are many manufacturers of industrial aluminum profiles, and they have gained obvious achievements in the competition. However, the surface roughness may be caused by excessive nitric acid content and acid erosion in the tank, and the surface roughness may be caused by defects in the internal tissue of aluminum. If the copper content in the tank is high, the surface roughness will be more serious. Usually, if the nitric acid content in the tank is too high, the chemical polishing of the industrial aluminum profile can reflect the intense, "boiling" phenomenon.
Secondly, after realizing the specific reasons, manufacturers must also respond to different situations. If the nitric acid content is normal and the copper content is high, then the aluminum surface of the water after washing has a very obvious characteristic color of metallic copper. If the characteristic color of copper is very deep, the copper content in the surface tank is too high, and measures should be taken to adjust the content of the nitric acid and copper to the normal range. If the additive contains copper, less should be added. If the copper in the tank comes from the chemical polishing of copper and aluminum, then take measures to add the additive that does not contain copper or adjust the bath fluid.
Above all, industrial aluminum production and processing has received widespread attention of the industry, believe on the basis of improving processing technology, we will harvest processing result in greater level.

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