Aluminum profile tailing phenomenon

- Nov 29, 2018 -

Hollow shrinking tail: hollow in the center of the extrusion type and the end of the bar, the cross section appears as a hole with a smooth edge or a hole filled with other impurities, and the longitudinal direction is a funnel shape (tapered), the funnel tip The direction of metal outflow mainly occurs in single-hole flat die extrusion, especially the tail of the profile extruded with a small extrusion coefficient, a large diameter of the product, a thick wall or a greased extrusion gasket.

Annular shrinkage: a discontinuous ring or arc at both ends (especially the head) of the extruded split molding, and a crescent shape on both sides of the welded wire, and the ring-shaped shrinkage of each hole product Tail symmetry. The formation of the shrinkage tail The reason for the formation of the shrinkage tail: the mechanical condition of the shrinkage formation is; when the advection phase ends, the extrusion gasket gradually approaches the mold, and the extrusion increases and produces a pressure on the side surface of the extrusion cylinder dN cylinder. This force, together with the friction dT cylinder, when the equilibrium condition of the force (dN cylinder dT cylinder) ≥dT pad is broken, the metal located around the extrusion gasket area flows into the center of the blank toward the trailing edge, forming a tail.

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