According to the element content of alloy pattern aluminum plate

- Sep 27, 2017 -

According to the alloy aluminum plate elements content in different decorative pattern aluminum plate can be divided into eight series, respectively 1 * * *, * * * 2, 3 * * *, * * *. 4. 5 * * * * * *. 6 7 * * *. * * *
According to the processing technology can be divided into cold rolling and hot rolling.
According to different thickness can be divided into thin plate and medium plate. The GB/t3880-2006 standard stipulates that the thickness of 0.2mm is called aluminum foil.
More commonly used brand name:
Pure aluminum plate 1060 plate, strip. The foil. Thick plate, stretch tube. Extruded tube. Type. Great. Cold working rod is mainly used for corrosion resistance compared with formability demanding occasions, but parts of strength requirement is not high, such as chemical equipment, Marine equipment, railway tanker, conductive material, instruments and meters, electrode, etc.
3003: plate, strip. The foil. Thick plate. Stretch pipe. Extruded tube. Type. Great. Wire rod. Cold processing rod, cold working wire, rivet wire, forging, heat sink material. Mainly used for processing need good formability, high corrosion resistance, weldability or good parts, or requires both the performance and need to 1 * * * series alloy high strength artifacts, such as the transportation of liquid tank and tank, pressure tank, storage device, heat exchanger, chemical equipment, aircraft fuel tank, oil pipe, reflector, kitchen equipment, washing cylinder, rivet and soldering wire.
Aluminum 3003 alloy: sheet, thick plate, drawing tube. Extruded tube housing partition, top cover, pipeline, etc
3004: plate, thick plate, drawing tube. Extruded tube can be used as long as the whole aluminum cans tanks, demanded higher than 3003 alloy parts, chemical products production and storage equipment, plate processing, construction, cable pipes, sewer pipes, all kinds of lamps and lanterns is zero

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