Aluminium Foil

Aluminum foil is a kind of hot stamping material which is directly calendered into sheet by metal aluminum. Its hot stamping effect is similar to that of pure silver foil stamping, so it is also called fake silver foil. Since aluminum has a soft texture and good ductility, it has a silvery white luster. If the calendered sheet is smashed on an offset paper with a material such as sodium silicate, an aluminum foil sheet can be formed, and printing can be performed.
The aluminum foil has a clean, hygienic and shiny appearance. It can be integrated with many other packaging materials, and the surface of the aluminum foil is printed better than other materials. In addition, the aluminum foil has the following characteristics:
(1) The surface of the aluminum foil is extremely clean and hygienic, and no bacteria or microorganisms can grow on its surface.
(2) Aluminum foil is a non-toxic packaging material that can be in direct contact with food without any concern that may endanger human health.
(3) Aluminum foil is an odorless and odorless packaging material that does not cause any odor in the packaged food.
(4) If the aluminum foil itself is not volatile, it and the packaged food will never dry or shrink. (5) There is no oil penetration of the aluminum foil at high temperatures or at low temperatures. (6) Aluminum foil is an opaque packaging material, so products that are exposed to sunlight, such as margarine, are a good packaging material.
(7) Aluminum foil has good plasticity, so it can be used to package products of various shapes. It can also be used to create containers of various shapes.
(8) The aluminum foil has a large hardness and a large tensile strength, but its tear strength is small, so that it is easily torn.
(9) The aluminum foil itself cannot be heat-sealed and must be coated with a heat-sensitive material such as pe to be heat-sealed.
(10) When aluminum foil is in contact with other heavy metals or heavy metals, there may be adverse reactions.
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